What is the rental fee for Covered Bridge and what does it include?

The page Investment & Inclusions gives a comprehensive overview. 

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What is the building capacity? 

Covered Bridge: 250 guests seated. We can accommodate larger weddings by adding a tent to the courtyard. 

What dates are available?

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What is the required deposit and payment schedule?

Covered Bridge: Bookings require a 30% non-refundable deposit at the time of contract signing.  6 months prior to your wedding date is the next installment of 30%, and the final balance is paid 1 month prior to the wedding.  You are welcome to make any installments along the way. 

How do I lock in my date?

After your venue tour, we welcome your verbal commitment to your wedding date!  That verbal commitment allows you 5 business days to complete your deposit and venue agreement. After the 5 day grace period, if not completed, your date will go back on the market. 

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

Tours are required to be scheduled. We host monthly venue open houses for those who want to browse the property without committing to a venue tour. However, we strongly recommend booking a tour. There is an ocean of information that can be missed on a walk-though, without the guidance of one of our team members.  Click Here to book your venue tour. 

What is the average budget for a Covered Bridge wedding?

Wedding budgets exist on a wide spectrum, and we allow for customization to fit your budget.  For Covered Bridge, a median budget of $28,000 is realistic, and can fluctuate below and above that.  Remember… you have the entire farm for 3 nights.  This budget is reflective of rehearsal, reception, brunch, and accommodations. There is a TON of value in this. 

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Do we have to use your vendors on your suggested vendor list?

The caterers on our vendor list are our top performers. The quality of your food and beverage service is extremely important, and we have taken years to get to the point of being partnered with these top two performers.  They are the best of Coastal Delaware, in every aspect of catering, and we can’t stress enough how important this is. 

Greater Good Catering

SoDel Weddings

Bethany Blues 

Taste Events

LaVida Hospitality

If you have a specific caterer who is not on our list but does have the Off-Premise liquor license, then we will consider the option on a case-by-case basis. 

The remainder of your vendors are your choice. We provide you with a team of vendors who we know will take extremely good care of you. 

DJ’s are a risk.  PLEASE check with our team before booking a DJ that is not on our preferred vendor listing. 

Will there be another wedding happening on the same day?

There will be another wedding at the sister venue Honey Bee, down the road. But no other events will happen at Covered Bridge on your weekend. 

How many people can stay at the Inn?

The Inn sleeps 10 guests. It does not need to be the same 10 guests throughout the stay. However, the Covered Bridge Inn does not change linens over the weekend.  The washer and dryer are available to you if you'd like. 

Can we bring our dogs?

Fur babies are welcome to join the ceremony, but no longer allowed for overnight stays. We can recommend a wonderful pet sitting company  - Click Here for Wiggle Butts. They can look after your fur babies for your entire wedding weekend.

What form of payments do you accept?

Check and Credit Cards.  No American Express.  Credit cards are the most convenient, but checks are still preferred. 

My preferred date is unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waitlist?

We do not have a cancellation waitlist. Cancellations are rare and unpredictable. What we recommend is to follow all of our social media. We make announcements the moment we have a date that is back on the market. 

Are tables and chairs included? 

10 Farmhouse Tables will be provided.  Anything that you need above and beyond that will need to be rented.  Chairs are all rented.  Every couple has the opportunity to customize their wedding look by choosing the chair that best fits their vision and their budget. 

Do you provide ceremony chairs?

No- All chairs are rented, according to the couple’s vision and budget.  The rental company must provide the labor for the setup and break down of the ceremony.  This element allows the team at Covered Bridge to be more available to the couple on the wedding day, rather than doing chair labor. 

Can we rent the barn for 1 day?

One day barn rentals are a great option for a weekday wedding!  This concept has become reasonable since the onset of covid, and we had so many rescheduled weddings.  Plus, our 2021 availability calendar is very full for weekends. The weekday weddings are extremely affordable. 

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

The answer here depends on your guest count and your overall budget.   If it is less than 100, we utilize the antique milking barn  -Gorgeous.  If you have a large wedding, guests will sit at their reception tables, and we will convert the dance floor into your ceremony space. We have great photos to show you an example of this.  If your budget allows, you can always rent a courtyard tent for your rain contingency plan. This works double duty for rain contingency for cocktail hour in the courtyard.  Many couples have done this and had great success with the use of the tent. 

Coastal Tented Events

Dover Rent All

Are the venues climate controlled?

Honey Bee - Yes.

Covered Bridge's barn has amazing ventilation that has kept cows comfortable for 100 years and continues to keep wedding guests comfortable to this day. Air conditioning is not possible in the dairy barn. The air moves through that barn beautifully. 

Yes - Covered Bridge's barn has heat.

What if we have guests that are handicapped?

Both venues are ADA compliant.  At Covered Bridge, we also provide a golf cart shuttle service because the parking area is a walking distance to the venue.  Honey Bee has a front door drop-off available. 

Does Covered Bridge handle the catering orders, or do we work with the caterer directly?

You will be working directly with the catering staff to develop your catering menu and all the little details associated with your food and beverage service.  The catering staff will also be managing your rental order, as the 2 services are very closely related, with many areas of crossover. This is one of the MANY reasons that we have narrowed down your catering choices. This is an area of expertise that few have mastered. 

Do you include a “wedding day coordinator?”

When comparing venues, this can be a very appealing aspect. However, we have found that this just isn’t realistic, and not well understood.   There is much confusion about the role of a “wedding coordinator” at the venue, and what their role is. We provide an amazing planning process throughout the year and stay in constant communication with you along the way.  There will be a Covered Bridge team member with you for your entire day.  They will lend helping hands, direct vendors and answer questions, help to run the ceremony on time, drive the shuttle around the farm for photo ops and guest needs. We will help keep everything running smoothly with endless behind the scenes activities. Also, the Caterers provide a serious level of set up and coordination. This is another factor involved with why we have streamlined our approved caterers. This cost of coordination is factored into your investment in food and beverage.  If you want a more comprehensive service & style design, we can recommend these two amazing event management services.

A Sweet Affair - Katina Dawson

Make My Day Events - Ashley Reynolds

Can we have fireworks?

Fireworks are allowed if you hire a licensed and insured Firework Company.  This is non-negotiable, as there are permits required to acquire, and the local fire department must be on site. We have 2 companies we recommend.

Brother's Pyro 

Fantastic Fireworks

Can we have a sparkler send-off?

NO!  Sparklers are dangerous and cause damage to the property. We can recommend other send-off ideas. 

Can vehicles be left overnight?

Yes.  We want everyone to utilize uber or other arranged transportation after consumption of alcohol.  Cars can be picked up the next day. 

What time does music need to end?

The music must end at 10 pm.  This is non-negotiable. We are on a farmland preservation farm, and this is a law within their guidelines. 

Are candles allowed?

Yes. Lit candles are allowed, but must be in a glass container/cylinder. 

What is the event clean up process?

Covered Bridge:  All trash removed, broom cleaned floor and consolidation of the decor.  The catering team helps with this tremendously. ( I will continually remind you of the value of the catering team.  The cost can seem high initially, but we only work with full-service caterers who do it all, saving you $ in the long run).   You have the venue through Sunday, so all of the packing-up can happen on Sunday.  All borrowed items must be returned to the borrow barn when you leave on Sunday. All fridges must be cleaned out, the Inn & barn removed of all items, by 3 pm.  We can be flexible with this.  The rental companies pick up on Mondays and the barn is cleaned on Tuesday.  This flexible clean-up schedule is one of the beautiful aspects of the Wedding Weekend. 

Can we take photos anywhere on the farm on our wedding day?

Our farmland is vast, and the photo opportunities, at both venues, are limitless. 

Covered Bridge: We will provide you and your photographer a ride in the golf-cart shuttle, to efficiently get to all of the best photo spots. Some are still undiscovered.  We ask that you do not use the large equipment barn.

Can we hang decor from the ceiling or walls?

Only licensed & insured stylists & florists are allowed to install decor, draping, and greenery.  We ask that you DO NOT use a hammer and nails.  Ladders are not allowed to be used by couples or their family/friends. You are required to utilize a licensed business for any installation that requires the use of a ladder. 

We have an AMAZING company that specializes in all things draped and designed. Click Here for the link to Styled. 

Can we have an after-party in the barn?

Both of our venues have a strict end time.  The music ends at 10 pm and venues close their doors at 11 pm.  LUCKILY- we live in the beach towns of Lewes and Rehoboth with literally limitless opportunities to move the party to a new destination. If your wedding tribe is not ready to end the celebration, then you have ample options. Our team can help you make your after party plan, and cars are always allowed to stay overnight to assure safe use of ubers or other arranged transportation